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"cold stone, here at cold stone, we're a super scoopin family,"

yes, i have a job at cold stone in north haven. its mad fun and its so easy. everyone should come visit me.

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welp, im starting to realize whats important right now and whats not.and i must say that i really need to get my priorities straightened out. its crazy. i have so much to do and so little time to do it. i love my friends to death, but i need to start doing my work and less hanging out all the time. it sucks, but its what needs to be done. oh well.

holy shit

today was a VERY good day..

+jamie brought me to school
-got there a lil late
+code 79 for first period
+left school for dunkin donuts and burger king with jamie for cooladas and tots
-went back to school to find cones in the driveway and the security man in his booth so we couldnt get back in
+decided not to go back at all
+saw fred at the store and ate some breakfast with him
+met some girl with alot of eyeshadow and a cute red jetta
+met a weird guy with a HUGE antennae and a cute green jetta
+got some directions to a dealership in northbranford
+drove out to north branford to find a jetta only to be standard
+called john to borrow some techno CD's
+watched some comedy central
+hung out with john and his friend jay
+went to IKEA
+played "whos line is it anyway"
+ ate some cornflakes
+lounged in the chairs and beds
+ got made fun of by some weird people
+left and went to McDonalds for some flying McChickens
+ went to pep boys and got a cute air freshner
+ jamie brought me to practice
-i pulled my groin muscle, it hurts really bad
+jamie picked me up from practice
+we went to smiles and met up with john and jay
+played some DDR and hackeysack
+took some cute pictures
-i failed kick the can
+we went to KFC and had twisters
-time to say bye for the night.

today was seriously.. the most exciting day ive had all year. i felt so rebelious. haha.

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alright well i just wanna say that for some reason for the past like.. week or so, ive b een very moody. and no im not PMSing. ive been getting mad at jamie for no reason and just giving people attitudes. i just wanna be alone all the time, not because i wanna be lazy but because i dont feel like dealing with people's shit. my grades are going down and they really shouldnt be. i dont have enough work to do at school so i figure ill just do it the period before and then end up not doing it at all. its pretty bad.

my dad is always on my ass about something. "you have homework? why dont you do some studying tonite? have you swung the bat tonite? you better call your coach and find out about practice. WHY DONT YOU KNOW WHERE TO GO FOR THE SAT's?? WHY DONT YOU STUDY? WHY ARE YOU STUPID?" yea its that kind of stuff. it pisses me off. when hes on my ass, it makes me NOT want to do anything and just go to bed.

prom is coming up april 1st and idk whats going on with that either. i havent even gotten a dress. i dont know who im sitting with or how im getting there. i have a date but i hardley talk to him. my best friend doesnt have a date. and if she doesnt have a date then idk what im gonna do because she needs to go! this month is just so hectic i cant take it.
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edit: ive come the the conclusion that i can no longer drink alcohol. even the thought of it makes me want to throw up and i dont know why. :(

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its supposed to snow today/tomorrow and i dont have my sleds. i left them in marks car last time it snowed. what sucks about that is he isnt in north america right now, so i cant get them back. awesome.

christina is coming home today! yay! everyone better come over and see her. shes only gonna be here for a week!

i love guys who are drama queens and put stuff in their profiles for attention. shut up and get over it. life goes on!

This weekend is going to be awesome: Saturday=atreyu and norma jean ./.\. Sunday=new jersey for Taste of Chaos tour. i dont think im going to school on monday :)
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its 7:12 in the morning im waiting for my ride and im bored. haha.

it seems that whenever people are bored, they come online and talk to other bored people. AIM/AOL/any type of chatting program, is just a world of bored people. an entire race even. its crazy.

todays gonna be a good day. i caught up on some sleep yesterday by not goin to school. i love it. :D

oh yes, and ive decided that im not going to talk about anyone in my journal or even include them in my updates,not like i update but oh well) i dont want people to read about other people and get mad at them for not telling them something or lieing to them. yea i know thats really gay, but thats how west haven is. you tell one person, the whole world knows so.. im not even gonna risk it.

k my rides here. byebye <3xo
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im a balla baby

ive been listening to hillary duff for the past few days. dont ask why but i sorta like some of her songs. at least she has a better voice than lindsay lohann.

updating has become very boring. too much has been going on for me to update and im lazy and dont like to type out my life. sorry. lol. so i like to update and say random things about what ive been listening to, or how im feeling at the moment. haha.

ok. nuff said. bye bye.
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